Why should I donate?
Believe it or not, it is not particularly cheap to run a Minecraft server. There are lot of costs that go into it, including the server fees, web hosting fees, development fees, and more. By donating, you are not only showing your support of the server, but you are helping to keep the server alive! We also offer a variety of awesome perks to make donating worth your while, so check them out, and if you are interested please consider making a donation!

Where does my money go?
100% of the money we receive from donations goes back towards the server. We would like to stress that we do not keep any of the profits from donations. Every penny we receive goes back to paying for the various fees listed above, and any excess profits are saved and put towards advertising, expanding the server, or paying for server fees at a later time.


NOTE: There have been some concerns regarding the recent Mojang EULA change. We would like to stress again that WE DO NOT MAKE ANY PROFITS from our webstore. The main and only purpose of this store is to fund the server, and to provide those who are willing to contribute with superficial in-game rewards. We also pay special attention to make sure that these rewards do not provide an unfair advantage by witholding any Minecraft content from non-paying players.

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